Create Trust With Our
Universal Journalist Bio

Our Real-Time Universal Bio is designed to secure the integrity of platforms around the web. This cutting-edge tool can immediately trace articles back to their human authors at the moment of sharing, letting your users have the information they need to make informed decisions about the content they are consuming.

Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Instantly Display Where Content Has Come From

In an instant, content shared on your platform is shown as belonging to a journalist, building trust and credibility among your users.

We can also use thousands of data points to create instant context and trust ratings for content without a verified author.

In the face of the growing prevalence of AI-generated content, our service provides an essential layer of verification. It helps your users understand where the content they engage with originates from. This further enhances your platform's credibility and the trust your users place in it.

Use Cases

Social Media.
Instantly provide context to content shared on social feeds.
Flag content right from the broswer with plugins or native solutions.
Verify links that users share in forums and chatrooms.
Provide assurance to users receiving links via email.
Messaging Apps.
Validate links being shared via messaging apps.
Feature content authors front and center in search results.

Together, we can foster a transparent and reliable digital landscape.

Make our Real-Time Journalist Bio a cornerstone of your platform and lead the charge towards a more trustworthy internet.

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