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Alex Meehan Journalist
  • Dublin
  • Freelance

My name is Alex Meehan, and I’m a freelance journalist and writer working in Dublin, Ireland. I mostly write about technology, travel, features and food for a variety of Irish publications, including The Business Post, the Irish Independent, The Irish Times and a number of different technology publications, most notably Techpro and the Business Post’s Connected magazine.

6 Articles
5 months ago

A greener way to go? ‘Water cremation is an extremely green and sustainable alternative to flame ...

It was while studying in the US that Irish mortician Elizabeth Oakes first came across the concept of resomation, an ...

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8 months ago

Carbon counting: How your Friday night takeaway is affecting the environment

For many people, a takeaway on a Friday or Saturday night is a treat they feel they’ve earned after cooking and washi...

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12 months ago

Meet the collectors: ‘The holy grail of Star Wars collectables is a figure of Boba Fett that was ...

Dave Gernon, Cavan – Star Wars figures

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about 1 year ago

Height of inequality: Drone photographer’s images give a bird’s eye view of injustice in cities a...

Inequality is everywhere but a peculiarity of the human condition is that, after a while, we tend to just stop seeing...

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over 1 year ago

Jobs for the joys: ‘The kids are expecting a show from the tubby, middle-aged man dressed as an elf’

It’s when the elf slams the door of the North Pole Express and I look around that I realise I’ve made a terrible mist...

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about 2 years ago

The Happy Pear: ‘We just didn’t put enough energy into it. We overextended ourselves...’

The water temperature is around 9°C — far from freezing — but there’s something about jumping straight in that feels ...

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