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Bob Hepburn is politics columnist and an award-winning journalist who has worked as the Star’s bureau chief in Ottawa, Washington and the Middle East. He has reported from more than 30 countries for the Star and has also served as the Star’s editorial page editor, assistant managing editor, national editor and foreign editor.

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2 days ago

Opinion | How to stop developers from profiting from Greenbelt controversy

The first step Ontario should make it to expropriate the land from developers at price the land was paid for when it ...

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2 days ago

I’ll never forget the year a young Palestinian boy experienced the magic of Christmas thanks to a...

Bringing joy to children at Christmas, regardless of their religion or ethnic background, is a tradition celebrated a...

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8 days ago

Opinion | Pierre Poilievre still all in on his reckless ideas

What’s broken is not “everything in Canada” as Poilievre claims, but and hope the Tory leader would ditch the worst o...

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15 days ago

Opinion | Six reasons why it’s wrong to count Donald Trump out

While Trump may be vulnerable right now and there are lots of reasons to loathe him, here’s why he could still win th...

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23 days ago

Opinion | I weep for a tortured America that has lost its conviction

The U.S. is a tortured nation, unsure of itself, afraid of what lies ahead. Gone is its conviction that it was the be...

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29 days ago

Opinion | Three easy steps for Premier Ford to help disabled Ontarians

Disability rights experts see microboards, which are filled by volunteers, as offering a progressive alternative to t...

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about 1 month ago

Opinion | Why is Pearson airport still a nightmare for travellers?

Problems have lingered too long. It’s time the airlines, GTAA and government stopped pointing fingers of blame at eac...

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about 2 months ago

Opinion | Pierre Poilievre a rising star for the world’s far right

Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones recently said he’s a big fan of Poilievre, calling him part of a global movem...

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2 months ago

Opinion | John Tory deserves a third — and last — term as Toronto mayor

As the city moves into critical post-pandemic stage, we need a mayor who fully understands how city hall works and ho...

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3 months ago

Opinion | Pierre Poilievre’s disturbing convergence of trouble

In winning the leadership race, Poilievre cobbled together a volatile coalition of the disaffected and resentful. Can...

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3 months ago

Opinion | Pierre Poilievre’s callous courting of Canada’s ‘deplorables’

Like Trump, Poilievre is potentially leading us down the same dark and nasty road Trump has taken Americans — all in ...

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3 months ago

Opinion | Pierre Poilievre needs to cool down his angry mob before someone gets hurt — or worse

The Conservative leadership candidate has worked the Donald Trump playbook to perfection, pandering to the “freedom c...

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