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Dave Feschuk Sports Columnist
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Dave Feschuk has been a sports columnist at the Toronto Star since 2003.

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4 days ago

The WBC shows there can be a cost to playing for the love of country

The Mets lost Diaz and the Dodgers pulled back Freeman, but the players are having the time of their lives.

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7 days ago

Maybe the Leafs have Lightning right where they want them

Have three long post-seaon runs taken their toll? There’s plenty to suggest that Toronto’s likely first-round opponen...

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10 days ago

Stars and stripes: NBA referees make a lot of mistakes, but player vendettas? Not likely

Monty McCutchen, the NBA’s vice-president of referee development and training, explains why in his experience it’s no...

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11 days ago

Connor McDavid is miles ahead of his pursuers, and the gap is growing

The Oilers star is lapping the field in NHL scoring, almost like another Edmonton centre used to do.

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14 days ago

Summer League, a slot machine and a dream: How Amy Audibert worked her way to the peak of NBA bro...

After working as a Toronto Raptors courtside reporter last season, the Niagara Falls native earned a full-time multi-...

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18 days ago

Maple Leafs need Auston Matthews to be their alpha dog again

For all the moves Kyle Dubas made before the trade deadline, the Leafs must have their best playing their best.

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21 days ago

Leafs GM Kyle Dubas is giving fans something to celebrate, though winning the deadline isn’t the ...

The furious shopping spree by Dubas is an out-of-character casting call for old-fashioned, eye-test-proven character.

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25 days ago

Bourne again: A hockey family tries to turn the page

Hard truths in a revealing memoir has led to a softening of tensions between Sportsnet’s Justin Bourne and his father...

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28 days ago

Ryan O’Reilly nets hat-trick as Leafs’ new-look second line breaks out in a big way

The newest Leaf combined with Mitch Marner and John Tavares for three goals in the opening 7:14 of Tuesday’s big win ...

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29 days ago

Sabres defencemen are good enough to rekindle QEW rivalry with Maple Leafs

Buffalo and Toronto have been going in different directions for years, but that is changing with Dahlin and Power.

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about 1 month ago

The only sure thing about the NBA’s slam-dunk contest is the absence of stars

One of this year’s contestants was still in the G League when he was named to the event.

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about 1 month ago

With one move, the Raptors have done an organizational 180. Whether that was a wise choice remain...

Remember “play in for what?”Or “positionless basketball?” Toronto’s trade for Jakob Poeltl means that once again, the...

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