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Desire Athow Managing Editor
  • London
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Désiré Athow has been musing and writing about technology in a career spanning four decades. Following an eight-year stint at where he discovered the joys of global techfests, Désiré now heads up TechRadar Pro.

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about 20 hours ago

Watch out AMD: Intel is preparing a massive 120-core CPU

Xeon family will get more cores to match AMD EPYC, but will it be enough?

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1 day ago

Official: Samsung wants to launch a 1000TB SSD before 2033

Start saving now, as this 1000TB storage component won’t come cheap

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2 days ago

Lenovo’s latest cheap gaming PC sports a surprising legacy biz tech - from the 1980’s

A VGA port on a gaming desktop PC launched in 2023? No, you’re not hallucinating

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4 days ago

Shells of dead crabs could be used to make cheaper optical components

Biodegradable parts from dead crabs could make their way into your next device

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6 days ago

How to build your own ChatGPT alternative on the cheap? There's one way

You can now build your own ChatGPT rival for a mere $2.33 per hour

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6 days ago

This formidable AMD 64-core CPU may be the last of its breed; here’s why I’m excited about that

Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 is expected to launch later this year, according to Asus

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8 days ago

Move asides CPU, today is the day the GPU takes over your kingdom

GTC shows that AI is more than just a buzzword, and Nvidia is its new champion

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8 days ago

AMD’s new 96-core monster CPU is likely to break world records

Genoa-X leak shows it will have more than 1.2GB of L3+L2 cache

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9 days ago

A tiny solar panel in a cable: How fiber optics is changing the way power is transmitted

Power distribution has relied for decades on copper but that is changing

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12 days ago

Hard disk drives could finally be out by Christmas if this trend continues

The average price of SSD building blocks is falling down and it’s good news

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16 days ago

Intel’s fastest CPU nabbed world record because of a mere technicality

Surprising win from Intel doesn’t reflect real life scenarios sans overclocking

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18 days ago

This little-known outfit sells a 98-inch screen with a laser pointer for just a shocking $2,700

You won’t find anything cheaper anywhere - how does Evvoli do it?

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