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Heather Mallick Columnist
  • Toronto
  • Toronto Star

Heather Mallick is a staff columnist whose subjects range widely. She has published two non-fiction books--a diary and an essay collection-- and has worked for, the Globe and Mail and other media. With a BA Hons and MA in English Literature from U of T plus a Ryerson journalism degree, she writes with courage and candour, and is an accomplished public speaker.

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Toronto Star

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  • Feminism
  • Politics
  • History
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  • Canada
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274 Articles
about 12 hours ago

SUVs are Toronto’s dinosaurs headed for extinction

Huge cars don’t suit human life in cities. Their time is over.

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2 days ago

Ombudsman’s report reads like campaign literature for extremists

The report is written as if it were from an alternative unelected government, different from the one Toronto voted fo...

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4 days ago

Drugs have taken their place alongside the world’s worst villains

There have always been dangerous humans but what is unsettling is the danger now being posed by unfamiliar substances...

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9 days ago

Raccoon dogs sow worldwide disruption and death?

I never thought that the creature who would bring us doom would be this contorted patchy skunk on stilts.

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11 days ago

Explain drug use? Maybe fiction has better answers than real life

The question of how to end street drug addiction has consumed cities in recent years. It’s not easy to understand the...

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14 days ago

From rigid and rule-bound to roguish and free-range

From rigid and rule-bound to roguish and free-range

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21 days ago

When will this huge majority of women and their male allies change the world?

Pick a sector, any sector, and women will be faring badly. That is the state of women’s rights in 2023.

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23 days ago

Who will survive the AI writing revolution?

Wasn’t technology meant to improve our quality of life, rather than increase quantity of output?

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24 days ago

Downtown Toronto is already stumbling. How many more blows like this can it take?

The failure of Nordstrom is one more bruise for the Eaton Centre, Heather Mallick writes.

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28 days ago

The Alex Murdaugh trial eviscerates the American hunger for money and power

The key to the trial’s is that Alex Murdaugh is an American type, a George Santos, Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump, a fal...

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about 1 month ago

Turnip reliance signals downturn for once proud U.K. empire

Keep an eye on the British descent. They might be digging for turnips or they might be digging their own grave.

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about 1 month ago

Why I love these banned books

Censorship comes from extremists on both the left and right, which is why the Toronto library’s list of banned books ...

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