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Jacky Wong Reporter
  • Hong Kong
  • The Wall Street Journal

Jacky Wong is a Heard on the Street columnist based in Hong Kong. He covers technology, retail and real estate sectors in Asia. Previously, he was a Market Talk Reporter for the Journal in Hong Kong. He won a Google data journalism scholarship to study at Hong Kong University before joining the Journal. He started his career as a trader in BNP Paribas.

Focus Areas

  • Asia
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Real Estate

258 Articles
3 days ago

For Alibaba, Six Is Bigger Than One—And a Smaller Target

There are good reasons to think a split-up Alibaba would be more valuable. In this case, politics and profits are poi...

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4 days ago

Will the ‘Korea Discount’ for Stocks Finally Disappear?

A significant buying opportunity in Asia—for longer-term investors—could be hiding in plain sight

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8 days ago

Toshiba Shareholders Draw the Short Stick, Again

Toshiba’s sale was supposed to be a bookend to years of corporate governance reforms in Japan

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9 days ago

Evergrande Restructuring Is a Warning to China’s Other Creditors

Offshore creditors who lent the property developer billions are discovering they have little if any meaningful recourse

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11 days ago

Foreign Car Makers Take Hard Knocks in China’s Auto-Sector Brawl

Domestic brands have stolen a march on foreign auto makers, especially in regard to electric vehicles

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16 days ago

The SVB Tremors Will Shake SoftBank

The lender’s collapse could force a reckoning on valuations of unlisted startups—of which SoftBank is a major backer

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18 days ago

SVB Bust Won’t Go Big in Japan—Probably

SVB was tripped up by investments in Treasurys and government-backed debt; Japanese financial institutions have long ...

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24 days ago

Kakao Strikes Back in the Battle of K-Pop Empires

K-pop labels are shaping up as surprise stock winners in 2023

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25 days ago

China’s Top Online Travel Agent,, Is Ready for Liftoff

China’s outbound passenger volumes will still take a while to recover—but on nearly every other metric, the company’s...

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28 days ago

The Knives Are Out in China’s EV Industry

China’s new-energy passenger vehicle market nearly doubled in size last year. But 2023 is shaping up quite differently.

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29 days ago

K-Pop’s Corporate Battle Royale Is Just Getting Started

Takeover saga featuring BTS-backer Hybe and rival SM keeps getting more Shakespearean

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3 months ago

Ant Group Won’t Be Squashed After All

Ant may never claw its way back to the lofty valuation it commanded in late 2020—but that doesn’t mean it, and its si...

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