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Julia Horowitz Senior Writer
  • London
  • CNN

Julia Horowitz is a senior writer at CNN. She leads CNN Business international coverage of global markets and business and is based in London.

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14 days ago

What happens when $2 trillion is sucked out of the global economy? It may not be pretty

Central banks have been credited with averting a global depression twice over the past 15 years: Once after the 2008 ...

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18 days ago

European Union upgrades outlook for economy as energy prices retreat

Questions swirl about the strength of China's recovery from Covid lockdowns, and there's talk of recession in the Uni...

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21 days ago

Pakistan’s political crisis will deepen its economic misery

The political unrest that's engulfed Pakistan since former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested earlier this week w...

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23 days ago

Audits of Chinese companies by KPMG and PwC full of holes, US watchdog finds

US inspectors, after receiving access to auditors' books for the first time, discovered significant shortcomings in a...

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24 days ago

Denmark has a debt ceiling, too. It’s never been a problem

The United States isn't the only country that puts a limit on how much money its government is allowed to borrow. But...

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25 days ago

The Fed could be on the verge of repeating its 1970s mistake

When the Federal Reserve embarked on an aggressive campaign to quash inflation last year, it did so with the goal of ...

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28 days ago

This is how the banking crisis ends

US regional bank stocks look set to rebound Friday but are still down sharply this week, accentuating fears that fede...

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29 days ago

Why these bank stocks aren’t getting crushed

JPMorgan Chase's rescue of First Republic Bank in the United States this week didn't herald the end of the banking cr...

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about 1 month ago

What happens above 5%? The Fed’s big risk

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise its benchmark interest rate again on Wednesday, lifting it above 5% f...

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about 1 month ago

It’s getting ‘substantially’ harder for Europe’s businesses and homebuyers to get loans

Europe's banks are pulling back access to credit, and a key measure of inflation in the region has cooled, bolstering...

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about 1 month ago

14 million jobs worldwide will vanish in the next 5 years, new economic report finds

Huge disruptions will rock the global job market over the next five years as the economy weakens and companies boost ...

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about 1 month ago

$250,000 or $25 million: How much of your savings should be insured?

If my bank fails, how much of my savings will I get back?

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