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Juro Osawa Reporter
  • Hong Kong
  • The Information

Juro Osawa is a reporter for The Information based in Hong Kong. Previously, he was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where he wrote about China’s technology giants -- such as Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei -- as well as the country’s booming startup scene.

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1 day ago

Biden’s Path to Forcing TikTok Sale Leads to Now-Dead App

Would TikTok have become a powerhouse without As arcane as that question might appear, it could become th...

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3 days ago

The TikTok Investors With the Most to Lose From a U.S. Ban

For venture investors that have collectively invested more than $8 billion in TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, the...

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7 days ago

TikTok Sale Likely to Be Rejected by China

The Chinese government is likely to oppose any attempt by the Biden administration to force TikTok’s Chinese sharehol...

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8 days ago

U.S. Officials Demand ByteDance Sell TikTok

The Biden administration in recent days demanded that Chinese internet giant ByteDance sell TikTok despite the compan...

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9 days ago

SVB’s Chinese Customers Face Logjams In Moving Money

As customers of the failed Silicon Valley Bank rush to open new accounts at other banks, SVB’s China-based customers ...

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13 days ago

Silicon Valley Bank’s Troubles Threaten a Key Bridge Between Chinese Startups and U.S. Investors

The panic over the status of Silicon Valley Bank intensified on Friday, as the stock of SVB’s parent fell another 66%...

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20 days ago

Shein Had Informal Talks With U.S. Tech Giants About Potential Investment

Shein, the online fashion giant that started in China, recently had an interesting pitch for both Amazon and Google. ...

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2 months ago

TikTok Parent ByteDance’s E-Commerce Volume Surged in 2022, Internal Data Show

TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, is making inroads in e-commerce. Consumers in China last year spent 1.41 ...

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3 months ago

Pinduoduo and Other U.S.-Listed Chinese Tech Stocks Cancel Plans to List in Hong Kong

Major New York-listed Chinese tech stocks are dropping plans to also list their shares in Hong Kong, signaling the co...

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3 months ago

TikTok Owner Now Aiming to Expand Into U.S. Enterprise Software Market

If some American politicians and regulators had their way, TikTok would be banned in the U.S. Executives at TikTok’s ...

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4 months ago

Chinese Investment Giant Hillhouse Capital Seeks to Expand Outside China

Hillhouse Capital Group, the Chinese sprawling investment powerhouse that has drawn comparisons to Tiger Global Manag...

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4 months ago

ByteDance Investors Struggle to Sell Shares at Discounted $240 Billion Value Amid IPO Uncertainty

Investors in TikTok owner ByteDance are struggling to sell their shares in the secondary market, even at current aski...

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