Kyle Peterson Editorial Board Member
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Kyle Peterson is an Editorial Board Member of The Wall Street Journal. Before joining the Journal in March 2015, he served as managing editor of the American Spectator and reported on local government for a pair of daily newspapers on the South Carolina coast. He is a graduate of Iowa State University.

3 Articles
about 1 month ago

Opinion | Affirmative Action Mocks Ethnic Diversity

As the Supreme Court takes up preferences at Harvard, legal scholar David Bernstein argues that labels like ‘Hispanic...

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over 2 years ago

Opinion | There’ll Never Be Another Trump Rally Like That One

Seventy minutes in front of America—and in front of the White House.

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over 2 years ago

Opinion | Mike Pence: Joe Biden Is a ‘Trojan Horse’

But the Trump counteragenda is still nebulous, with one night left at the GOP convention.

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