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Lauren Sarner is a TV Reporter at the New York Post.

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1 day ago

Where are Kirstie Alley’s ‘Cheers’ costars today?

Kirstie Alley’s former “Cheers” costars have spoken out about her passing from cancer at age 71. Find out where the c...

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2 days ago

Cougars prowl for Gen-Z men in Hulu dating show ‘Back in the Groove’

This vacation destination is cougar town. On the new Hulu dating series “Back in the Groove,” (releasing new episodes...

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3 days ago

‘#FillerNation’ doctor exposes beauty trends: ‘This is using chemical warfare’

“I feel like my patients get younger as I get older,” Engelman, 46, told The Post. “There’s definitely been a de-stig...

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6 days ago

‘Riches’ creator: ‘Being able to talk about black ambition was important to me’

Abby Ajayi talks about her new Prime Video family drama series “Riches,” the comparisons to “Succession,” learning fr...

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8 days ago

James Cameron on making ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’: I was ‘a wild, testosterone-poisoned young man’

The director opened up about his long career and hit movies.

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10 days ago

Dwayne Johnson says studio didn’t want Henry Cavill as Superman but ‘we were not going to take no...

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson has revealed that he had to fight the studio about Henry Cavill’s Superman returning to the...

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14 days ago

8 shows to watch and stream during Thanksgiving weekend 2022

Thanksgiving is here, and whether you’re celebrating with a huge gathering, a smaller affair — or solo — there’s alwa...

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16 days ago

Helen Mirren on former flame Liam Neeson: ‘I love him deeply to this day’

The Oscar-winning actress and “Taken” star were an item in the 1980s.

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19 days ago

‘Wednesday’ TV review: Tim Burton’s Addams family show is a mixed bag

The new Netflix series “Wednesday” is a supernatural mystery about Wednesday Addams’ time as a student at the boardin...

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19 days ago

Ana de la Reguera on her ‘Leopard Skin’ role: ‘She drops a bomb and leaves’

Now streaming on Peacock, “Leopard Skin” is a thriller set in a remote beachside estate in Mexico. Ana de la Reguera ...

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20 days ago

‘Irreverent’ star Colin Donnell on his character in new Peacock drama: ‘He’s a little bit dangerous’

“Arrow” and “Chicago Med” star Colin Donnell talks about his new show “Irreverent.”

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21 days ago

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ creator on new Starz show: ‘It’s about ambition and desire’

“Dangerous Liaisons” creator Harriet Warner talks about the new Starz show, what makes it different from the movies, ...

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