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Luke Andrews Reporter
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Luke Andrews is a News Reporter at Mail Online.

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about 8 hours ago

Man goes partially blind after adopted cat scratched him on the arm

The individual, who has not been named, said the cat would scratch him repeatedly on his arm. Doctors initially thoug...

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1 day ago

These are the 10 shopping items most likely to make you sick

Leafy greens were top of the list, the researchers said. But there were some surprises like onions and flour. Foods o...

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2 days ago

Man dubbed 'The Testicle King' reveals he lives on diet of uncooked animal GENITALS and raw meat

Pauly Long, 31, who is from Philadelphia but lives in Bali, Indonesia, posts videos of himself eating raw goat testic...

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3 days ago

Scientists develop nasal spray that treats erectile dysfunction in five MINUTES

Scientists in Australia are working on a nasal spray that could treat erectile dysfunction in just five minutes. Viag...

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3 days ago

Doctors weigh in on TikTok trend of face tapping for wrinkles

Advocates say the hack has smoothed their wrinkles and made their skin look younger. But doctors in the US warn that ...

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4 days ago

I'm a leading longevity scientist. Here's why someone reading this now could live to 150

Dr Steven Cohen, an anti-aging expert in California and the UK, says he is coming tantalizingly close to harnessing s...

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6 days ago

I am Gwyneth Paltrow's doctor. I have the antidote for bloating in women

Dr Will Cole, a holistic medicine speciliast, told that bloating could be solved with meditation and re...

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7 days ago

My son, 7, had both his legs amputated after catching the FLU and Strep A at the same time

Kaden Stevenson, 7, from Michigan is an orange belt in martial arts and was an avid soccer player. But after he devel...

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7 days ago

Rare flesh-eating parasite kills four otters and could spread to humans

The otters all suffered what scientists called the worst lesions on their bodies that they had seen in more than two-...

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8 days ago

Good AND bad news for coffee lovers as study shows they walk more but sleep less

Coffee drinkers walked more leading to better heart health and a longer life, researchers in the US said. But they al...

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10 days ago

20 worst US cities to take a vacation in if you have allergies

The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America has revealed America's worst 20 cities for pollen counts - with seven in...

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11 days ago

Weight loss experts recommend drinking VODKA over other alcoholic drinks to stay summer slim

Summer is creeping ever closer, which means embarking on weight loss goals for millions. Experts in the UK and US hav...

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