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Maggie Haberman is a White House correspondent who joined The Times in 2015 and was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for reporting on Donald Trump’s advisers and their connections to Russia.

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about 5 hours ago

Analysis: A Very Bad 3 Weeks for Trump After Losses and Legal Setbacks

For the former president, who raced to announce his third run for the White House in hopes of clearing the Republican...

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about 13 hours ago

Trump Hired Team to Search His Properties for Classified Material

The searches, conducted after a federal judge directed the former president’s lawyers to look for any documents still...

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about 19 hours ago

Trump Bedeviled By Company’s Conviction and Herschel Walker’s Troubles

The Trump Organization was branded a felon. Herschel Walker was defeated in Georgia. Donald J. Trump has had better T...

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12 days ago

Trump’s Latest Dinner Guest: Nick Fuentes, White Supremacist

The former president’s table for four at Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday also included Kanye West, whose antisemitic statemen...

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14 days ago

Justice Dept. Seeking to Question Pence in Jan. 6 Investigation

Prosecutors want to speak with the former vice president as a witness to former President Donald Trump’s efforts to r...

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17 days ago

Trump Family’s Newest Partners: Middle Eastern Governments

The government of Oman is a partner in a real estate deal signed last week by the former president, intensifying ques...

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21 days ago

Trump’s Candidacy Is in Motion, but His Campaign Is a Work in Progress

The 2024 apparatus is lean, and some operatives are keeping their distance. “It’s always a little bit chaotic,” a 201...

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22 days ago

Pence on a Trump 2024 Run: ‘I Think We’ll Have Better Choices’

In an interview, the former vice president expressed anger over Donald Trump’s conduct on Jan. 6, 2021, but deflected...

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23 days ago

Trump Family Signs Deal With Saudi Real Estate Developer

The Trump Organization will license its name for a planned golf course in Oman, renewing questions about the former p...

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23 days ago

Pence Says Trump Was ‘Reckless’ in Assailing Him on Jan. 6

In excerpts from an interview with ABC, the former vice president said he was angered that Donald J. Trump’s tweet du...

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27 days ago

Trump’s Role in Georgia Becomes More Complicated With Runoff

If recent history repeats itself, Mr. Trump’s role will become a key factor for deep-pocketed Republican donors.

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28 days ago

Trump Under Fire From Within GOP After Midterms

“Republicans have followed Donald Trump off the side of a cliff,” a longtime adviser said.

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