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Matthew Ponsford is the London-based writer for CNN Style, reporting on arts, architecture, and design.

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over 2 years ago

Prestigious photo prize honors docu-fiction on India's hidden war

Photographer Poulomi Basu's series "Centralia," one of four finalists in the $42,000 prize, explores India's decades-...

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about 3 years ago

Remember when Jackie Kennedy wore her famous pillbox hat?

Not everything went to plan with Jackie Kennedy's distinctive pillbox hat, which was designed by Halston. Find out wh...

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over 3 years ago

Future design: What 'living' clothes can do to absorb carbon emissions

From 'living' textiles that photosynthesize to clothing made from engineered algae or wood, we look at high-tech alte...

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over 3 years ago

Vivid portraits shine light on Tahiti's 'third gender'

On the island of Tahiti, there is said to be something akin to a sixth sense -- one that belongs to neither men nor w...

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