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Nicholas Fandos is a national reporter based in the Washington bureau. He has covered Congress since 2017 and is part of a team of reporters who have chronicled investigations by the Justice Department and Congress into President Trump and his administration. Mr. Fandos joined The Times in 2015 as an intern.

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4 days ago

Meet the Voters Who Fueled New York’s Seismic Tilt Toward the G.O.P.

Republicans used doomsday-style ads to prey on suburban voters’ fear of crime in New York, helping to flip enough sea...

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10 days ago

How Carolyn Maloney’s Ticket to the Met Gala Led to an Ethics Inquiry

When the Manhattan congresswoman found out she had been dropped from the guest list in 2016, she was “unhappy to say ...

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13 days ago

Hakeem Jeffries, Pressing to Lead Democrats, Marks a Generational Shift

The congressman, who has served in the House for a decade, would be a far different leader from Speaker Nancy Pelosi,...

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14 days ago

Hakeem Jeffries Is Poised to Succeed Nancy Pelosi

Mr. Jeffries, a Democrat, would be the first Black politician to head a House or Senate caucus for either major party.

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21 days ago

Sean Patrick Maloney on His Loss, the Media and A.O.C.

Mr. Maloney said that he and other New York Democrats were unable to overcome suburban fears of crime. He also had so...

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21 days ago

Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Calcified’ Machine Politics Cost Democrats in New York

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Democrats should not have adopted “Republican narratives on crime and sa...

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22 days ago

If Democrats Lose the House, They May Have New York to Blame

Republicans flipped four congressional seats in New York, the most of any state in the country. How did this happen i...

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22 days ago

Sean Patrick Maloney Concedes to Mike Lawler in Loss for Democrats

Mr. Maloney, who leads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was seeking to represent a different district...

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23 days ago

Hochul Holds N.Y. Governor’s Mansion for Democrats

Gov. Kathy Hochul became the state’s first woman to be elected governor, in a victory that was more decisive than som...

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25 days ago

Ronald Lauder: New York’s Billionaire Political Disrupter

The cosmetics heir has pumped at least $11 million into efforts to elect Representative Lee Zeldin, a Republican, as ...

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27 days ago

Biden Will Campaign for Gov. Hochul in New York on Sunday

The campaign visit by the president underscores how tight the governor’s race is between Ms. Hochul and Representativ...

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29 days ago

A Group Raised Money to Push Adams’s Agenda. Much of It Went to One Man.

A political action committee has given more money to its founder and his charter school than to candidates aligned wi...

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