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1 day ago

Eurozone Inflation Eased in November, but Further Rate Rises Likely

Consumer prices in November were 10% higher than a year earlier but down from the 10.6% annual rate of inflation reco...

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8 days ago

Global Economy Slows, but Seems Set to Avoid Recession

The global economy is slowing as a turbulent 2022 draws to a close, but economists don’t expect it to slide into rece...

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9 days ago

ECB Must Narrow Interest-Rate Gap With Fed, OECD Says

While there have been some recent signs that these rates are at or close to their peaks, the Paris-based research gro...

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14 days ago

U.K. Unveils Tax Increases and Spending Cuts to Shore Up Finances

Treasury chief Jeremy Hunt laid out his spending plans for Britain amid high inflation, rising interest rates

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16 days ago

U.K. Inflation Hits 41-Year High as Recession Looms

Consumer prices were 11.1% higher than a year earlier, but a price cap on energy and a looming recession means any fu...

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20 days ago

U.K. Economy Shrank in Third Quarter, Sliding Toward Recession

High energy costs, rising interest rates and a labor shortage weighed on British output in the three months through S...

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28 days ago

Bank of England Raises Key Interest Rate by 0.75 Point

The hike is the largest since 1989, as the bank fights a surge in inflation from rising energy prices even as the U.K...

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about 1 month ago

Eurozone Inflation Rate Rises to 10.7% as Recession Looms

The annual rate of consumer-price inflation in the eurozone increased to double digits in October, reaching a record ...

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about 1 month ago

U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Calms Markets—for Now

The prime minister has managed to help calm markets by convincing investors that he won’t jeopardize financial stabil...

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about 1 month ago

Rishi Sunak Wins Vote to Become U.K.’s Next Prime Minister

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who warned that Liz Truss’ economic plans for Britain were a “fairy tale,” will take o...

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about 1 month ago

Europe’s Economy Contracts as Tough Winter Looms

Business activity in Europe fell for a fourth straight month in October, according to new surveys, as the continent e...

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about 1 month ago

U.K. Inflation Reaches 10.1% as Government U-Turns Cloud Outlook

Consumer prices rose by double digits in the 12 months through September, but where inflation goes next depends on a ...

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