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Robert has spent more than 20 years primarily covering government and politics in Utah and the West, including seven years in Washington, D.C.

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3 days ago

Cox admin spares Moab’s historic Woody’s Tavern, but Robert Gehrke argues Utah liquor policy is s...

Facing the revocation of its liquor license and certain closure, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and the head of the Department...

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5 days ago

Utah’s water socialism leads to waste, Robert Gehrke writes. Shouldn’t we pay for the water we use?

For generations, Utah has been subsidizing the cost of water with property taxes. Without seeing the actual cost of w...

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8 days ago

A new app is helping some 450 Utahns get a second chance. Robert Gehrke explains how.

An estimated 800,000 Utahns have a criminal record that can keep them from getting housing, jobs or even chaperoning ...

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13 days ago

LDS shift on same-sex marriage is overdue, but important to couples harmed by decades of oppositi...

The LDS Church's shift on same-sex marriage won't make a practical difference in how the country views the issue. The...

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16 days ago

Owners of Moab’s historic Woody’s Tavern are desperate to save their bar. DABS should provide a s...

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services is threatening to strip a Moab bar's liquor license because it closed w...

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19 days ago

Liars will keep lying, Robert Gehrke writes, but Utahns still have faith in elections

A new poll shows Utahns like the way they vote and have trust that their ballot will be counted. But now isn't the ti...

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20 days ago

Why did Mike Lee defeat Evan McMullin? Robert Gehrke explains what happened in Utah’s U.S. Senate...

An autopsy of Evan McMullin's loss to Sen. Mike Lee, including the big question: Was it all worth it? Robert Gehrke e...

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26 days ago

What are the crucial races of the 2022 midterm elections? Robert Gehrke explains what to watch on...

Here are six things that The Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Gehrke will be watching on election night during the ...

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about 1 month ago

The latest polls show attack ads aimed at Evan McMullin are working for Mike Lee, Robert Gehrke w...

Two new polls about Utah's U.S. Senate race show that attack ads aimed at Evan McMullin have likely helped Mike Lee i...

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about 1 month ago

Trick or treat: Robert Gehrke’s dispatch from a candy-fueled Halloween bash of Utah politicos

A Star Wars character? The Invisible Man? Gayle Ruzicka? Here's what costumes Gehrke thinks makes the most sense for ...

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about 1 month ago

Jon Huntsman’s endorsement of Mike Lee rejects the principles he once embraced, Robert Gehrke writes

Jon Huntsman's endorsement of Mike Lee isn't a surprise, but it is disappointing, because, in the field of candidates...

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about 1 month ago

Utah voters should resist the Legislature’s latest power grab, Robert Gehrke writes

A constitutional amendment is another example of a growing litany of instances where legislators erode checks and bal...

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