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Search and trends writer for the Manchester Evening News.

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5 days ago

''My mum couldn't see her GP in lockdown - she died just days after cancer diagnosis'

Rachel Dickinson's 'blood boils' amid Partygate after she followed lockdown rules and stayed away from her mum - who ...

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14 days ago

'I took my wife's name after we got married - it doesn't make me feel any less of a man'

Alastair Tansley said he hopes his decision will encourage more men to do the same

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about 2 months ago

‘Huge differences in caffeine’ found in coffee at Greggs, Costa, Pret, Starbucks and Caffe Nero

One had five times more caffeine in their cappuccino than one of the other brands

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2 months ago

Man outraged after 'fake' Uber Eats order doesn't arrive

18-year-old Kyle claims the Manchester restaurant he ordered from on Uber Eats is a 'scam'

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3 months ago

'My breastfeeding symptom led to life-changing diagnosis after warning from ITV's Lorraine'

Jo Kerfoot, from Stockport, has been left devastated

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3 months ago

'I thought I was tired from being a a busy working mum. The real reason was devastating'

"I'm not ready to accept that it's 14 months"

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4 months ago

'My gorgeous husband's life was ruined overnight - and I felt responsible'

'Andy was such a wonderful soul and I'm grateful for every second of my life I had with him'

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5 months ago

Don't say you're OCD just because you're particular - 'Pure O' ruined my life

Holly Moore says OCD is one of the most misunderstood mental health conditions

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6 months ago

What I wish I'd known when I ran up £16,000 on credit cards trying to buy the perfect face

Liam Halewood wanted to make it on the big screen

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7 months ago

Mum remortgaged her house and kept her new business quiet from her bosses - now she's making £1m ...

Charlotte Mills, from Oldham, is building a wedding shoe empire

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9 months ago

'I started cleaning trainers when I lost my job - now I customise shoes for Ricky Hatton'

Veteran Steven Spence breathes life back into old trainers and produces custom designs for special memories

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9 months ago

'I have to wear nappies on nights out because of my rare condition'

Rachel Winnard's extremely rare condition has seen her limbs lock into place over the years - she now can't be left a...

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