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Susan Delacourt National Columnist
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto Star

Susan Delacourt is an Ottawa-based columnist for the Star, where she has been covering politics on Parliament Hill since the late 1980s. A political science graduate of Western University, she's written four political books; her latest, Shopping for Votes, was a finalist for the 2014 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust prize in non-fiction. Susan is also a regular commentator on CBC and CTV, and has taught journalism and political communication at Carleton University.

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Toronto Star

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  • National Politics
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223 Articles
1 day ago

Why do so many men dislike Justin Trudeau?

Never mind the prime minister’s policies — a new poll suggest many male voters simply “don’t like him as a person,” S...

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2 days ago

Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh’s partnership proves politics works best when no one is watching

Tensions exist and have flared over everything from guns to health care, but things are generally humming along, Susa...

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6 days ago

When it comes to trust, Justin Trudeau’s point man on election interference wrote the book

David Johnston has been handed the task of nothing less than protecting the integrity of Canada’s democracy, Susan De...

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12 days ago

The fight between Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre is taking Canadian politics to a dark place

The Conservative leader has gone where few, if any, opposition leaders have gone before, Susan Delacourt writes.

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14 days ago

Pierre Poilievre calls it ‘a fake position doing fake work.’ So who’s going to want that job?

Justin Trudeau has handed out hard tasks before, but whatever person answers the call for a “special rapporteur” on f...

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20 days ago

Canadian voters need independent reassurance that our elections are free and fair

Canadian voters need independent reassurance that our elections are free and fair

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25 days ago

Justin Trudeau thinks public pressure will save health care. He forgets how shameless the provinc...

Provinces will be held to account on how they’re spending extra health dollars because they are going to have to be m...

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27 days ago

Justin Trudeau is losing ground to Pierre Poilievre. He’s using Donald Trump to fight back

Trump’s out of power, but Trudeau’s back on the road, warning that the former president haunts this government still,...

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about 1 month ago

‘Freedom’ has been a weaponized word. The Emergencies Act report finally tells us what it means

Rouleau commission report is now before Parliament.

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about 1 month ago

‘Freedom Convoy,’ UFOS ... Why doesn’t the Trudeau government give us straight answers?

This is the week when Canadians will get a chance to see how Justin Trudeau’s government measured up when faced with ...

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about 1 month ago

Justin Trudeau scored a political win on health care. But premiers say $46.2B in federal funding ...

This is Canada and the health care system in 2023: the problem is urgent, even critical, but the solution requires a ...

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about 2 months ago

Character assault. Contempt. This week showed us the ugly, sneering face of Canadian politics

Two prominent, respectable people landed in the crosshairs of this often toxic Parliament on Wednesday, and they didn...

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