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Tom Bawden Science and Environment Correspondent
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Science and environment correspondent at inews.

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1 day ago

15 of the dirtiest rivers and lakes in Britain's National Parks - and how they can be saved

Pollution discharged into one river is treating a National Park like an 'open sewer', say campaigners who fear the Go...

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5 days ago

Why giving your pet flea treatment when they don't have fleas is bad for our rivers

Experts argue that cat and dog owners should wait for their pets to get fleas before they use environmentally harmful...

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6 days ago

Homes face years-long waits for solar panels and insulation due to 'retrofitter' shortage

The lack of a skilled workforce is creating a bottleneck when it comes to tackling carbon emissions from homes, i has...

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21 days ago

Hopes to discover 'thousands' of planets with signs of alien life in next 20 years

Scientists are confident there is life elsewhere in the universe, and they are far more likely now to find it thanks ...

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22 days ago

The world's first cowboys came from Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria – not America, study suggests

An analysis of the remains from the ancient Yamnaya culture suggests they could have been the first cowboys

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24 days ago

Why we'll still be experiencing waves of Covid in five years

There is still much that is unknown about how the pandemic will develop but i asked leading experts to give us their ...

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27 days ago

The UK's 20 dirtiest rivers, at high risk of pollution from sewage, chemicals and plastics

The Wildlife Trusts chief executive, Craig Bennett, calls the state of the UK's waterways a "national disgrace"

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about 1 month ago

How polluted are your local rivers? England and Wales' 20 worst rivers for sewage discharge

Research finds that sewage spills are commonplace across much of England and Wales - while they have also been widely...

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about 2 months ago

Vitamin D supplements don't cut the risk of severe asthma attacks after all, major study finds

The research overturns the findings of a landmark 2016 study that giving vitamin D tablets reduced the risk of severe...

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about 2 months ago

UK hit by virus double whammy as cases of Covid and colds soar

Cases are still well below some of the levels seen over Christmas and last year but are rising fast

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about 2 months ago

A high temperature drops out of the top 20 Covid symptoms as the new 'Kraken' variant spreads

Once a 'big three' indicator that you had the virus, now running a temperature barely registers - but look out for so...

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about 2 months ago

How drugs like Prozac, Sertaline and Cipralex could be making antibiotics less effective

Research finds that anxiety and depression drugs could be adding to antibiotic resistance displayed by bugs like E. coli

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