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Tonda MacCharles Reporter
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto Star

Tonda MacCharles is a Newfoundland native and a senior reporter in the Toronto Star's Ottawa bureau where she has covered federal politics and public policy for 20 years. Her 35-year journalistic career includes nearly 10 years in broadcast journalism with CBC's The National and The Fifth Estate. Her beats have spanned coverage of all major political parties, legal affairs and public safety issues.

Published In

Toronto Star

Focus Areas

  • National Politics
  • Liberal Party of Canada
  • Supreme Court of Canada
  • Public Policy
  • Legal Affairs
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Justice and Public Safety issues
  • RCMP
  • CSIS
  • Free Trade

356 Articles
6 days ago

Insiders reveal what Chrystia Freeland has up her sleeve for this year’s federal budget

The finance minister has huddled with Canada’s banking leaders, the financial regulator and provincial finance minist...

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8 days ago

Behind the scenes, Trudeau’s MPs say a public inquiry into Chinese election interference is the o...

Conservatives criticized the prime minister’s choice, but many welcomed it, including several Liberal backbenchers wh...

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8 days ago

Justin Trudeau asks former governor general to probe claims of election interference

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has named former governor general David Johnston as an independent advisor to look at a...

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9 days ago

Inside the Volkswagen deal: How Canada fought off the U.S. to land a coveted electric vehicle bat...

Faced with demands for transparency, federal and provincial government officials say details are scarce because thing...

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13 days ago

Supreme Court judge calls allegation of drunken behaviour ‘demonstrably false’

A top Canadian judge says he was attacked “without warning or provocation” and punched in the head, denying allegatio...

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14 days ago

What’s going on with Justice Russell Brown? Here’s what we know and don’t about the secretive inv...

Canada’s top court and the the body that oversees judicial conduct and independence have given little to no informati...

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14 days ago

Joe Biden to visit Canada on March 23

U.S. President Joe Biden will visit Canada on March 23-24, sources told the Star.

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15 days ago

Liberal MP calls China ‘an existential threat to Canada’

Influence networks backed by China’s Communist Party rulers represent an “existential threat” to Canada, says the Lib...

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16 days ago

Pierre Poilievre accuses Justin Trudeau of ‘covering up’ support from China

Poilievre says spy agency CSIS deliberately leaked information about elections meddling to reporters because it didn’...

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17 days ago

Justin Trudeau asks committee to launch new study of foreign interference in Canada’s elections

Amid rising political pressure, the Liberal government is asking a parliamentary committee with the power to review c...

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21 days ago

Canada’s top spy has a suggestion for tracking foreign interference in elections

CSIS head David Vigneault says a registry would make it easier to track people intent on influencing Canadian electio...

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22 days ago

Canada’s democracy is under attack. Here’s where the threats are coming from

Morris Rosenberg, a former senior civil servant, reviewed the way Canada monitored interference during the last elect...

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