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Vinay Menon is a columnist and feature writer in the Entertainment department who has covered popular culture for the Star since 1999. He has been nominated for a Michener Award and, in 2014, won the National Newspaper Award for Arts and Entertainment writing. Menon, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto, is also the author of RUSH: An Oral History, Uncensored.

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about 22 hours ago

Opinion | Elon Musk’s brain chips could be a medical game-changer — so why are they so terrifying?

In our quest for omniscience, we are forgetting the joys of being human. If we’ve learned anything from social media,...

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2 days ago

Opinion | The Rock just confessed to theft and it’s as sweet as the Snickers he stole

Here’s why The Rock is so beloved. Instead of just offering a chocolate confessional on social media, he bought all t...

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3 days ago

Opinion | Will Smith is showing why ‘gaslighting’ is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year

Will Smith is on a “Rehab Tour” while promoting “Emancipation” and he’s said nothing to warrant forgiveness for slapp...

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8 days ago

Opinion | Balenciaga needs to do more than apologize for its children holding bondage bears ad

How did a luxury brand get into a cauldron of cultural soup by greenlighting ads featuring children with bondage bear...

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9 days ago

Opinion | It’s time for Herschel Walker, the most unintentionally hilarious man alive, to ditch p...

Over the last few months, Walker has made me laugh out loud more than Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock combined.

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10 days ago

Opinion | Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Gift Guides are the opposite of wellness — they’re sick

It’s hard to look at a $2,000 blanket when millions of Ukrainians are heading into winter with no heat as Russia’s wa...

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15 days ago

Opinion | Winky the owl burglar is not a home invader. Winky is a harbinger.

One expert said Winky might be breaking into homes in search of food or a roosting site. It’s kind of adorable when i...

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16 days ago

Memo from Jack Frost: The snow is here and so are the bad drivers

Why does winter turn so many drivers into irresponsible maniacs? Slow down, leave a safe distance, be mindful of the ...

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17 days ago

Opinion | Lettuce is in short supply and so is Canada’s ability to be self-sufficient

Nobody needs lettuce. We are not bunny rabbits. But why don’t we do a better job of growing our own produce?

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22 days ago

Opinion | Donald Trump is now the GOP’s drunk designated driver. Nobody wants him behind the wheel

The real estate scion turned failed casino operator turned reality TV goofball turned liar-in-chief turned woebegone ...

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23 days ago

Opinion | Justin Bieber should no longer be 'scared to death' of Judge Judy. He should be thankin...

Judge Judy recalled this week to Access Hollywood of former neighbour Justin Bieber: “There was a period of time befo...

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24 days ago

Opinion | Forget Captain America Chris Evans. Who is Canada’s Sexiest Man Alive?

Let’s face it, Canada continues to be a pinprick in the gargantuan cultural shadow of America, Vinay Menon writes.

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