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Zoë Bernard is a reporter for The Information, covering venture capital from The Information’s New York bureau. Previously, she was a reporter at Business Insider, where she broke stories on firms like Social Capital and Kleiner Perkins, as well as news on several high profile funding rounds.

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6 months ago

‘Two Kids, a White Picket Fence and a Quarter of a House’: Real Estate Startups Compete to Sell B...

Tarek Fadel, a longtime Chicago resident, has dreamed of escaping his city’s bitter winters for years. But it was onl...

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7 months ago

Crypto’s CSI: How Molly White Became an ‘Absolute Nightmare’ for Web3 Evangelists

Over the course of one week in April, Molly White’s internet crime blotter Web3 Is Going Just Great documented 15 cry...

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10 months ago

Prayers of the Tuluminati: Down in the Yucatan, a Temple and Its Tech Shaman Chase Enlightenment

Ben Way—serial entrepreneur, investor, and seeker of higher truths—stands over the stovetop in his airy hacienda in T...

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