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Sam McBride is the Northern Ireland Editor of the Belfast Telegraph and the Sunday Independent. His 2019 book Burned: The Inside Story of the Cash-for-Ash Scandal and Northern Ireland’s Secretive New Elite became a Sunday Times and Irish Times bestseller and was shortlisted for the Christopher Ewart-Biggs Memorial Prize. He is a regular presence on radio and television, giving analysis of events which impact on Northern Irish politics and society.

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22 days ago

This election could see multiple seats in NI change hands – but every party here has damaged itself

This has been a remarkable election campaign in which every major Northern Ireland party has faced major problems, wi...

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23 days ago

As the public mood on the environment shifts, the Greens should be pushing an open door – but the...

The Green Party manifesto has the feel of a religious pamphlet. It sets out the party’s various “missions” with an ev...

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24 days ago

Nationalist parties’ scant mention of Irish unity in manifestos says much about how close they th...

At 11,000 words, the SDLP’s manifesto is almost 10 times the length of Sinn Féin’s.

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25 days ago

Both main unionist parties call for greater RAF and Royal Navy presence in Northern Ireland to pr...

After reading the manifestos of the two main unionist parties, I didn't expect that the most significant issue of com...

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25 days ago

Alex Easton could give MLA seat to former DUP minister

North Down candidate Alex Easton has not ruled out making his controversial election agent or former DUP minister Jon...

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26 days ago

All at sea over the post-Brexit border, DUP’s manifesto is a shocking climbdown

If the DUP was able to communicate with the public as well as its manifesto communicates its policies, Gavin Robinson...

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27 days ago

Stephen Farry on speaking Irish, giving paedophile suspects anonymity, defining a woman – and Ban...

When Stephen Farry confounded many expectations to become the first non-unionist MP for North Down in 2019, the polit...

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28 days ago

Guns are silent now, but ingrained hatreds live on in Northern Ireland

A fortnight ago, I was on my way to play football in a Belfast leisure centre where I’ve played for 15 years when som...

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29 days ago

DUP’s policy chief privately told leadership it was misleading the public on Irish Sea border dea...

Dan Boucher is a man whose name, face, and voice are largely unknown, even to those who follow Northern Ireland polit...

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30 days ago

Half of TUV manifesto is about Irish Sea border, but it also reproduces key Reform UK policies de...

Manifestos are inherently easier to write for parties which have never been in power.

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about 1 month ago

Alliance’s manifesto reveals a party serious about securing power, with radical pledges softened ...

Alliance's is the second manifesto of the campaign and is very different from the first.

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about 1 month ago

Sinn Fein manifesto is a short and not so sweet pamphlet of pure blandness

As someone whose job means I’ve read a lot of party manifestos, Sinn Fein’s is both the shortest and blandest I’ve ev...

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