Welcome to the Legitimate API

Our aim is to help other companies leverage our services in order to reduce fake news, disinformation and bad actors on their platforms and across the web.

Whether you're a platform with millions of users or a small startup, fake news and disinformation being shared on your service can harm your users and your brand. Tap into the Legitimate platform to identify and shed light on who created articles and content your users share.

Shine a light on shared content

Legitimate enables your users to be armed with details about the author of an article including who wrote it, what else they’ve written, their social media accounts and lots more. This lets them make an informed decision about whether or not to trust it.

Show your actively addressing fake news and disinformation

By using our API you can show users that you are actively working to fight back against fake news and disinformation on your platform.

We our in Version 1.0

Our API has launched as of September 2021. Over the coming months we will be releasing a number of new features.

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Help stamp out fake news

The more users our API has the more we can help combat fake news and disinformation. web.

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