$300k Journalism AI Grant Initiative

Legitimate is excited to announce three initiatives designed to empower journalists, local newsrooms and journalism schools in the US. With a total grant fund of $300,000, Legitimate is helping shape the future of journalism by providing access to cutting-edge AI technology, hands-on training, and ongoing support.

Journalism School Grants
Freelance Journalist Grants
Local Newsroom Grants

Empowering Future Journalists: (Open until Dec 31 2023)

Legitimate's Journalism School Grants

We believe in nurturing the next generation of journalists. We are thrilled to announce our Journalism School Grants, providing a unique opportunity for university journalism schools to enhance their curriculum and empower students with cutting-edge skills.

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What's on offer:

Exclusive On-Campus Day (2 Schools):

An immersive day filled with hands-on workshops, expert-led discussions, and real-time training on the latest journalistic technologies. Two journalism schools will be selected for this one-day on-campus event, specifically tailored to enhance the practical skills of budding journalists at your school.

Online Sessions (20 Schools)

We will provide two comprehensive online training sessions. The first session delves deep into the world of generative AI, providing insights and expertise on ethical AI practices in journalism. The second session focuses on building a standout portfolio and leveraging technology to propel journalism careers forward.

Premium Ethical AI Tools (All Students)

Each student in the selected schools will gain access to our premium ethical, AI-driven tools, where they can explore the possibilities of AI in journalism, all while adhering to ethical standards. These tools will empower students to create innovative, impactful stories, bridging the gap between technology and responsible journalism.

(Applications open until Dec 31 2023)

Freelance Journalist AI Empowerment Grant

The Freelance Journalist AI Empowerment Grant is an initiative designed to revolutionize the way freelance journalists work. With a total grant amount of $50,000, this program will benefit 200 freelance journalists, providing them with a year-long access to industry-leading ethical AI tools. These tools have been built to enhance productivity, elevate content quality, and simplify the journalistic process.

Grant recipients will not only gain access to cutting-edge technology but also receive comprehensive training and support, helping them to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflow. Furthermore, they will receive early access to upcoming AI tool releases, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

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This grant represents Legitimate's commitment to fostering ethical journalism, supporting freelance journalists, and nurturing a community of innovative storytellers who harness the power of AI to create impactful narratives.

(Applications open until Dec 31 2023)

Local Newsroom Grant

Offering grants totaling $200,000 to empower local independent and non-profit newsrooms. This initiative aims to strengthen journalism by helping local newsrooms integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) seamlessly into news reporting in an ethical, practical way.

AI Workshops

Legitimate will provide a range of comprehensive workshops on AI in journalism. These workshops aim to equip participants with an understanding of AI, how it relates to journalism and help build the knowledge and skills required to implement it in the newsroom.

Technical Office Hours

Our technical office hours allow any member of the local newsroom to book a call with Legitimate's technical experts. It allows journalists and staff to discuss AI-related queries, troubleshoot issues, or brainstorm ideas, all backed by expert-level advice.

Premium AI Features

Legitimate understands the importance of hands-on experience. Therefore, we provide every journalist with exclusive 30-day access to unlimited premium AI features. This enables journalists to explore, experiment, and evaluate how AI can augment their newsrooms' capabilities.

Most of Legitimate's tools, including many AI features, are also offered completely free of charge outside of any premium plan.

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