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Legitimate was created to help tackle the huge increase in disinformation and lack of trust in online content. We are a new way for publications to gain more users, recognition and revenue.

A new channel for your content

Our aim is to become the first place people look to when they want to see a variety of news from different sources, without the worry of fake news or bad actors. A search engine where users have the reassurance that everything they see is from a real, verified person.

We boost your traffic

We drive high-value, engaged users to your site in many different ways.

Users do not consume content on Legitimate. We drive the traffic to the publisher’s website.

Legitimate Search

Users search for topics and get results that only link to articles from verified sources.

Content Feed

Content feeds provide an up to date stream of articles from hundreds of different sources.


Our emails link directly to your website, we do not bring people back to our site.


Every journalist gets their own RSS feed that people can subscribe to. RSS is more popular than ever before.

Grow brand recognition and authority

We help drive brand recognition, trustworthiness and association with topical information.

People will more often follow a topic or a person before following a brand. Our search and feeds help journalists and brands become associated with specific topics they focus on. As a result, your brand becomes recognised as an authority in that area, driving more visitors and subscribers your way.

Extra partner benefits

Legitimate's aim is to partner with publications to promote journalism and content from verified sources.

We want to reward the companies that partner with us as much as possible and we are creating an ever evolving list of benefits.

Featured on home page

We feature partners on our homepage each week, which drives extra traffic, recognition and subscribers.

Featured journalists

We feature partner journalists on different sections of our site and for different key words / topics.

Newsletter and social marketing

We will feature your publication, stories and journalists in our newsletters and social channels.

Access to tools

We are releasing tools that will help publications drive audience engagement and stay ahead of trending topics.

The Legitimate Initiative

The moment an item is shared on any platform we can show who wrote it, where it came from and lots lots more. We will offer this API integration to all companies for free, forever.

We want online users to know exactly where their content is coming from and have confidence before clicking on it. By creating the world's largest database of verified content, we can do that. We will expose and flag content that comes from fake and misleading sites, or where the author hides behind a false identity.

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Journalist support and promotion

Legitimate is fast becoming the professional network for journalists.

We believe journalists should have easy access to the tools they need to be successful, so we built them! We provide journalists with these tools for free.

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Become an official partner

Actively fighting to stamp out fake news

Joining will show that your company is actively helping to combat fake news and strengthen the media industry. In return, we would like you to proudly show the Legitimate partner badge on your website.

A new source of traffic and revenue

Our API's and platform will drive new traffic to your website. We've already seen it significantly increase traffic to partners and result in new subscribers for paywalled content.

Provide journalists with tools and support

One of Legitimate's main goals is to give journalists more credibility and recognition for their extraordinary work. By becoming an official partner, you're helping to push that goal forward. Find out more

Make your publication a partner

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Fast onboarding process

Most publications can have their content and journalists onboarded in a few days with virtually nothing to do.

Help stamp out fake news

The verified profiles of your journalists will be helping to stamp out fake news across the web.

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