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How It Works

Our Contributor Verification Tool works by assigning a unique, Legitimate verification code to every submission for your publication, linked directly to the author's account.

For Contributors
Within their dedicated admin panel, contributors can generate a verification code that's specific to their article and the publication it's intended for. Once created, this code accompanies the article submission to the publisher.
For Publishers
Publishers can easily verify the authenticity of a submission by visiting our dedicated Contributor Verification Tool and entering the provided code. Doing so will not only confirm whether the account tied to the code is verified, but also display the specifics of the article and publication for which the code was generated.

100% Free
For Publications and Contributors.

Why Risk Your Publication's Reputation.

Ensure authenticity and maintain credibility with our robust Contributor Verification Tool

Shield Against Counterfeit Profiles

Stay one step ahead of deception and safeguard your publication from impersonators by ensuring each contribution stems from a verified author. Our tool verifies the legitimacy of each contributor profile, enhancing the integrity of your content.

Counteract Bot and Third-Party Interference

Eliminate the threat of bot-generated or unauthorized third-party submissions. Our verification tool ensures every contribution originates from genuine authors, maintaining the quality and authenticity of your publication.

Have Contributor Details at Your Fingertips

Legitimate's creator profiles come complete with headshots and bios, meaning no additional information or asset requests are necessary - saving your team time and effort.

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Using our free tool ensures your publication avoids being subjected to submissions from fake or AI generated profiles.

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