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The Newsroom Management Platform

Revolutionize your newsroom management and enhance productivity with our ultimate suite of cutting-edge tools.

Power Efficient Newsroom Operations

Efficiently streamline your newsroom operations and harness the power of AI-driven tools, enabling you to deliver impactful content with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Collaborate with your team
Effortlessly manage articles from inception to publication with our innovative Kanban-style workflow management. Experience a visual representation of your editorial pipeline, allowing editors to easily track progress, assign tasks, and ensure a smooth journey for each article, ultimately maximizing efficiency and delivering high-quality content on time.
Save hours of time with our transcription feature
Supercharge your newsroom productivity with our transcription services for your entire team. Seamlessly convert audio and video content into accurate, text-based transcripts, empowering your journalists and editors to easily search, analyze, and repurpose valuable interviews, press conferences, and more.
Measure newsroom impact
Gain valuable insights at every level with our robust reporting system. Journalists have access to in-depth article analytics, while the newsroom benefits from comprehensive reports, empowering data-driven decisions and maximizing impact.
Third-party integrations
Seamlessly integrate with your favorite third-party tools and platforms, expanding the capabilities of your newsroom. Our platform will offer flexible integrations, enabling smooth workflows and empowering you to leverage the best resources available for your newsroom's success.
Enrich and enhance your journalism with AI
Maximize the impact of your journalists' content with our AI-powered tools. Generate SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions and conduct thorough editorial reviews, all designed to enhance the quality of their writing, increase click-through rates, and save valuable time.
Our newsroom management platform will have a number of free tiers. Our aim is to provide equitable access to all those who require it, bolstering not only regional and national publications, but also local and smaller newsrooms.
Plus much much more...

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