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For Journalists and Publishers

The Universal Bio

At a time when misinformation, disinformation and AI generated content are impacting how people perceive journalism it is more important than ever to help readers understand where their content is coming from and the people behind it.

Universal Bio is designed to show the journalists’ or publishers’ credentials anywhere their content appears online.

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Your own personal AI model

The Journalist AI Assistant

Legitimate revolutionizes how journalists work. Save time, accelerate the writing process, enhance your articles, and much more. Our AI provides invaluable support at each step of the article creation process.

Free for everyone:

  • Idea Generation

  • Title Optimization

  • Social Post Creation

  • Summaries


  • Personalized Suggestions

  • Text to Voice

  • Article Outlines

  • Background Research

  • Statistics Research

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Readability Score

  • Editorial Review

  • Meta Tag Generation

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Showcase your work in a professional portfolio

Publish on news sites, blogs, your personal site or anywhere - your entire body of work is then forever archived on your personal Legitimate page. We'll automatically populate your portfolio as you publish content around the web.

Your articles backed up for life

We will also create backups of your work, saving screenshots and docs of every article you publish. If a publication or site ever shuts down, you'll always have a copy of your work safely stored.

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For Publications

Run Your Newsroom Like Clockwork

Elevate your news production with Legitimate's cutting-edge AI tools designed for efficiency and quality.

Boosted Production Efficiency.
Save an average of 90 minutes per journalist daily, freeing up time for more impactful reporting and amplifying the publication's overall efficiency.
Effortless Workflow Management.
Manage articles from start to finish using our Kanban-style workflow. Visualize your editorial pipeline to track progress and assign tasks efficiently.
Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting.
Gain in-depth insights at all levels, from article analytics to newsroom reports, driving data-informed decisions and amplifying impact.
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3 hours free per month

Full Transcription

Generate transcripts quickly and easily. Organise your video and audio recordings with ease.

Speaker Indentification.
Automatic identification of the different people within your file. Personalise with names for even better visualisation.
Full Search.
Quickly search through your transcripts to locate quotes and key moments.
Timestamped Notes.
Take notes as you listen back, timestamp to accurately reference them against your audio or video file.
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The Local News Impact Map

Designed to revolutionize the way we understand and value local news.

Already used by thousands of journalists worldwide

“As a journalist, I have found Legitimate to be a fantastic and easy way to get my articles out to others, and the site's database of tools has been a massive help to me too. A special thank you must go to the COO Caoimhe Donnelly, who is always on hand to answer any of my questions and responds very quickly”

Ciarán Mather
Leinster Leader/Kildare Now

“Transcription is a necessary, but time-consuming task for journalists. Getting a free tool designed to help us record and transcribe interviews on the fly will be transformative.”

Elaine Burke

“It gives you the perfect hub to monitor and analyse your own online presence as well as quickly being able to track down old pieces you might have forgotten about - it really is a game changer.”

Rich Fay
Manchester Evening news

“One of the best solutions of its kind on the market and a tool that every journalist should use and take advantage of.”

Dion Dassanayake

“At a time when journalism is under assault, Legitimate is providing tools and support for journalists throughout the world. Legitimate's work in the field is very helpful and couldn't be happening at a more important time for journalism.”

Mike Shapiro

“As a freelance journalist contributing to a number of publications, I have found Legitimate a handy way to bring all my work together in one place. It has also provided a useful form of verification, without charge, now Twitter has removed its legacy blue ticks.”

Mark Devenport
Ex BBC NI Political Editor, Ireland Correspondent & United Nations Correspondent
Announcing our new free tool for publications

Verification Tool.

Providing complete transparency regarding the source of contributions while eliminating uncertainty and deliberate deception.

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