Frequently Asked Question

We have done our best to answer all your common questions below. If you think we have missed something, please fill in our contact form or use the live chat at the bottom of the screen.

I just want to follow Creators. Do I have to verify myself? No. If you only want to follow creators and content then you can simply sign up with your email.
What do you do with my data after verification? Legitimate takes your privacy seriously. In order to verify your identity, we use a number of approved partners who carry out identity checks on our behalf. Once those checks are carried out we do not store copies of the information on our systems. The only data we store from the verification process is your First Name, Last Name, City or Country (dependent upon ID provided) and Date of Birth. This information is visible in your profile and we use it as part of our platform. In order to create a profile, we would require this data anyway and we take it from your ID to save you the time entering it. It also protects our platform by not allowing users to alter or change it. We do not store address information or other data from your ID.
Why do you have to be over 16 years of age to register? Legitimate wants to make our platform secure and free from abuse, fake news and disinformation. In order to achieve that we require that all registered users be over the age of 16. As many minors do not have a government verified ID we cannot verify them. We also took a decision to not handle the details of minors. This may change in the future but in the meantime, you can still access a lot of features on our platform.
My name has changed. How can I change it on my profile. Legitimate locks your first and last name from your ID whenever you first verify your account. If you have legally changed your name and have documents to verify this then reach out to our support team and we can assist you in updating your profile.
Can I create more than one profile? No. We only allow you to create one profile. The basis of our platform is a single profile and it wouldn't make sense to let user have multiple.
My profile got rejected Your profile could be rejected for a number of reasons. If you view the edit profile section it should provide more information. If you think your profile should be approved then contact our support using the widget in the bottom right of your screen.
My profile was approved and now it is rejected We preform multiple checks upon your identity when it is submitted. After our preliminary checks are completed we will approve your profile. This is to give you the best user experience. Upon subsequent checks though your ID may be rejected. If this happens and you feel it was done in error then please contact us using the support widget in the bottom right of your screen.
Someone is plagiarising my content Only the creator of content is allowed to claim ownership of. By creator we mean the author, writer or whoever is delivering the message. In cases where an article is co-authored both parties may add it to their profiles. We take ownership of content extremely seriously as it forms the credibility of our platform. Anyone who breaks our guidance will have their account permanently suspended.

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