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Legitimate offers student journalists a valuable resource. Over the course of their careers, they’ll write thousands of articles for dozens of publications. To locate these articles, check links are working, and add them to their own portfolio manually would take a lot of time and effort.

Legitimate is a free online content hub where profiles are automatically compiled and regularly updated, providing one-stop access to all of their work that can be easily shared with potential employers. It also helps student journalists to increase their following by sharing their articles with all of our users.

You can also create content directly in Legitimate and we will be introducing an option to paywall this content in the next few months. This could be an extra source of income for student journalists, and publishing work on Legitimate could also help earn NCTJ accreditation for those who are working towards this.

A Legitimate profile offers students a whole range of benefits and advantages.

A portfolio

A place to create content and publish

Grow their own audience

Jobs portal (coming soon).

Trusted by over 25 Universities

How does it solve fake news

Universities that recommend Legitimate to their students become partners. You can use the partnership status as a way to show you’re actively involved in fighting fake news and misinformation. Your badge will be displayed on our website, and we are offering a badge that can be displayed on your website that shows you’re a Legitimate partner.

Why become an official partner

Partner students can verify themselves with a university email address rather than have to verify their identity.

  • Internship Eligibility

    Your favourite journalists and content creators in one place.

  • Exclusive Competitions

    We will be running competitions and giveaways exclusively for partner universities with a wide range of prizes.

  • Guest Lectures

    We will be offering guest lectures at partner universities with topics around fighting disinformation, protecting journalists online and essential tools for journalism.

Make your University a partner

Fill in the form and our team will reach out with next steps.

Fast onboarding process

Most universities can have their students onboarded in a few days with virtually nothing to do.

Help stamp out fake news

The verified profiles of your students will be helping their careers whilst helping to stamp out fake news across the web.

Trusted by over 25 Universities

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