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1 day ago

State OKs road upgrades for Parleys quarry project

Utah highway officials have authorized road improvements supporting a controversial quarry project in Parleys Canyon ...

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2 days ago

Should Utah pay $50 bounties on coyotes killed in controversial contests?

Since 2012, Utah wildlife officials have paid a $50 bounty on coyotes. An unknown portion of those taxpayer-funded bo...

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5 days ago

Is oil and gas leasing returning to Utah?

The BLM announced plans to auction 32,000 acres for energy development in Utah next year, but all in areas not known ...

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8 days ago

One crop uses more than half of Utah’s water. Here’s why.

Alfalfa and other types of hay are by far Utah’s most valuable agricultural crop, worth nearly half a billion dollars...

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8 days ago

Tribes move to intervene in Utah’s monument lawsuit

Several tribes and environmental groups are seeking to fight Utah's lawsuit to reverse Biden's restoration of Bears E...

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9 days ago

As the West’s trumpeter swans recover, more wind up shot in Utah

Despite several measures aimed at discouraging the killing of trumpeters during Utah’s 73-day swan season, the swan h...

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22 days ago

Deposit of obscure mineral in Utah’s West Desert is worth a fortune

Utah's West Desert hosts what is believed to be the nation's richest deposits of indium, a critical mineral needed to...

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23 days ago

San Juan votes out Utah’s first-ever Native American commission majority

Willie Grayeyes and Kenneth Maryboy lose their reelection bids in San Juan County, putting an end to Utah's first Nat...

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24 days ago

Does Utah’s support for fossil fuel production violate youths’ constitutional rights?

Six Utah youths are asking a state judge to allow their suit challenging Utah's energy policies to go to trial.

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28 days ago

Are utilities dragging their feet on coal ash contamination?

A new report by environmental groups highlights the persistent risks of coal ash contamination at power plants, inclu...

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29 days ago

Key takeaways from The Tribune’s report on allegations against SUWA in San Juan County

Emails obtained by former San Juan County Attorney Kendall Laws indicate SUWA covered commissioners' outside legal ex...

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about 1 month ago

Is SUWA too cozy with county commissions?

Former San Juan County Attorney Kendall Laws is demanding officials investigate an environmental group's alleged infl...

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