Where Student Success and Alumni Engagement Meet.

Introducing the management system designed exclusively for journalism and communications schools to connect, communicate, and keep up with your students and alumni..

For Alumni Relations Teams

Streamline Management and Engagement of Students and Alumni

Save Time and Resources.
Effortlessly manage and track alumni data, career changes and achievements with our streamlined system, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Enhanced Engagement.
Keep your students and alumni engaged with a centralized network, regular updates, news, and opportunities through our intuitive communication tool.
Insightful Reporting.
Generate detailed reports on alumni achievements, career trajectories, and impact, making it easier to showcase your school's success and secure funding or partnerships.
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Insightful Analytics

Easily track your alumni's career progression.

Track awards, career changes, and article impact with our analytics suite. Stay updated on alumni progress, highlight achievements, promote your university, and attract top talent.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Journalism and Communications School

Features designed to streamline profiles, analytics, communication, and success tracking.

Centralized Student and Alumni Profiles

Our platform provides a centralized hub where student and alumni can showcase their work in the journalism and communication fields.

Dashboards that save you hours

Automatically see reports on the students and alumni including location, employer, job title and awards. See the content they are producing and the impact that it is having.

An Auto Updating Marketing Tool

Use your university page to attract new students by showcasing the current students and alumni. Prospective students can view profiles and see the impact your school is having across the world.

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Students receive a whole range of benefits and advantages

Help your students stand out in the job market and get the job/internship they’ve always wanted. Our tool streamlines portfolio creation, letting students focus on their work, not the logistics of portfolio management, registering domains and building websites.
Productivity Tools.
Students get access to all the tools they need to streamline their workflow, in one location.
Journalism Technology.
Students get to use the latest tools and technology being adopted in newsrooms across the country, including ethical and assistive AI.
As well as a portfolio students now have a place to create, publish and share content. With no cost or technical knowlege required.
Access to thousands of journalists from all over the world. Legitimate is quickly becoming the home of journalism and a central location for the industry.
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Why universities choose Legitimate

Improved Employment Rates

Schools using our suite of tools can boast higher graduate employment rates, enhancing their reputation and attractiveness to prospective students.

Innovative Technology

Stay ahead of the curve with new technologies. Legitimate is at the forefront of the industry and our partners have access to the latest innovations in journalism technology.

Seamless Transition

The tool facilitates a smoother transition from graduation to employment, contributing to higher graduate success rates. Legitimate is used in newsrooms all over the world.

Manage Alumni Relationships

Schools can keep track of where their alumni are, see their career development, monitor their impact, and stay in touch easily.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are focused on democratizing access to technology for all, to foster a vibrant, diverse journalist community.


Eliminates the need for students to pay for blog hosting or portfolio websites. Access to a full suite of tech tools for free further reduces financial burden on students.

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Fast onboarding process

Most universities can have their students onboarded in a few days.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing to suit every university, no matter the size.