Laine Cibulskis Student Innovation Staffer, Data & Investigative Writer
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  • Reynolds Journalism Institute, The Maneater

I'm a student journalist at the University of Missouri in Columbia. My main interest is data and investigative work, as well as innovation in journalism.

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Reynolds Journalism Institute , The Maneater

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University of Missouri - Columbia
Journalism & Political Science
3 Articles
about 1 year ago

MU enrollment steady but faces 10-year declines

Although MU enrollment has remained consistent for the past four years despite nationwide drops, there have been over...

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about 1 year ago

What to consider before using enhancing tools to clean your audio

A conversation with audio engineer James Willetts

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about 1 year ago

AI audio enhancers provide new paths to quality sound

Adobe Podcast, Audo Studio and other tools bring new possibilities to editing audio and overprocessing.

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