Dr. Pearson is a Legal, Political and Cultural Analyst and Strategist who appears weekly on the popular, smart, and entertaining radio program, Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang which airs on SiriusXM Progress 127. Dr. Pearson taught at colleges and level one research universities; but she needed a bigger classroom. She appears on tv, radio, and podcasts where she can teach covertly – she has insight that is different, thoughtful, refreshing and compels audiences to think critically, which is more important now than ever before. Dr. Pearson has appeared as an expert on the Emmy Award-winning talk show Dr. Phil on CBS. She also appears frequently on an impressive list of popular networks including NewsNation, Cheddar News, Fox 5 DC, Fox LiveNOW, and on affiliate stations across the country for ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Besides Sirius XM, she is a regular guest on Los Angeles’ longest talk radio station, KNX LA and popular podcasts. With two doctorates, Dr. Pearson is an accountability expert who is trusted by the news media, e.g., Forbes, Fast Company, Newsweek, Fox News, The Wrap, and the New York Post, to name a few, to advise on and explain issues involving the law, implicit bias, investigations, and organizational culture. She is often consulted by iSight, Lattice, and Builtin on topics of ethics, organizational culture, and disabilities. Dr. Pearson practiced trial and appellate lawyer for almost two decades. She was a mediator and a collaborative law attorney; she was a certified child welfare law specialist, too. Thanks to a judge who spotted her potential, her career has included conducting complex investigations for a range of organizations and encompassing a myriad of issues. That work harnessed her inquisitive nature. Dr. Pearson is most proud of her research, where she conducted the first empirical study on implicit bias in workplace investigations, which has significant implications for not only workplace investigations, but for law and law enforcement. She is currently writing a book based on that research. You can follow Dr. Pearson on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Mastodon at TracyExplains. Her website is www.tracyexplains.com. She has a Substack: drtracyexplains.

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NewsNation, Cheddar News, Fox 5 DC, SiriusXM, KNX LA

Focus Areas

  • Law
  • Politics
  • Culture
  • Implicit Bias
  • Investigations
  • Corruption
  • Accountability
  • & Workplaces


University of Southern California

Syracuse University

University of New Hampshire at Manchester

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