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With our state-of-the-art platform, fine-tuned by journalists worldwide, we're transforming newsrooms into powerhouses of efficiency and quality. Our tools not only streamline workflows but also amplify content and offer game-changing insights. Gain millions of dollars in additonal value, boost productivity and elevate your publication to new heights—effortlessly.


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Legitimate combines the essential tools and resources that journalists use every day into one seamless platform. By providing a streamlined and efficient workflow, it not only enhances productivity but also saves valuable time each day, allowing journalists to focus more on what matters most: crafting impactful stories.


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Industry Leading Ethical AI

Our AI engine is unparalleled in its capabilities, transforming newsrooms with cutting-edge technology and innovation, setting new standards for impact and efficiency.

Real-Time Insights.
Legitimate's AI engine monitors global events as they unfold, making timely recommendations based on current news and happenings.
A Personal Assistant.
Our AI studies each journalist's writing style and beat, allowing it to offer personalized suggestions tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each individual reporter.
Enterprise-Level Capabilities.
Our AI delivers an array of features that stand head and shoulders above the competition, offering publications significant growth opportunities and a distinct competitive edge.
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Your Data is Safe

Your Data is Safe

All of your data belongs to you. We only use your company's information in relation to your own AI features. The data is held in isolation and never used for training models.

The Newsroom Management Platform

Efficiently streamline your newsroom operations and harness the power of AI-driven tools, enabling you to deliver impactful content with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

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Measure Newsroom Impact.
Gain valuable insights at every level with our robust reporting system. Journalists have access to in-depth article analytics, while the newsroom benefits from comprehensive reports, empowering data-driven decisions and maximizing impact.
Collaborate With Your Team.
Effortlessly manage articles from inception to publication with our innovative Kanban-style workflow manager. Experience a visual representation of your editorial pipeline, allowing editors to easily track progress, assign tasks, and ensure a smooth journey for each article, ultimately maximizing efficiency and delivering high-quality content on time.
CMS Integration.
We seamlessly integrate with many of the leading publisher CMS systems, enabling the publication of finished articles in mere seconds. This effortless connectivity accelerates the workflow, allowing journalists to swiftly move from creation to publication, maximizing efficiency and saving valuable time.

10% - 20% Revenue Increase

Full AI and newsroom capabilities for a fraction of the cost

For less the the cost of one AI/ML software engineer Legitimate can provide your newsroom with the latest AI features, constant updates and an entire suite of additional tools.

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