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Legitimate's aim is to restore trust in online content and journalism by putting the author/creator at the forefront

We believe journalists and content creators should have easy access to the tools they need to be successful, while at the same time giving people confidence in what they read online.

A verified hub for all your content

A free and beautiful profile to display all your content, no matter where it's posted.

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Grow your audience

Don't lose track of guest posts, freelance work and one-off articles you've written.

Combat fake news

Behind the scenes your verified profile will be helping to stamp out fake news across the web.

Everything in one place

A range of tools to grow a new audience. It's all free and always will be.

Say hello to Legitimate Connect

Legitimate connect is a suite of tools designed to make a journalist's job much easier.

Free up your inbox

Tired of trying to manage an inbox overloaded with press releases and poorly targeted emails? Legitimate Connect can take away that pain giving you a new type of message management system. Never give out your email again!

Never lose your contacts again! A contact management system

Use our contact management system designed for journalists. Store your contacts securely and take notes and details to help you build better relationships. Sort them with tags and attach files.

Store your notes

Our handy note-taking feature lets you store notes and information in a simple format that you can access from anywhere.

A portfolio for your work

Legitimate acts as your portfolio, pulling in your work from anywhere on the web.

We can automatically populate your profile with your work using a variety of sources across the web. We pull content from rss readers, web crawlers, wordpress plugins and custom meta data. You can also add an article in seconds by pasting a link in your profile admin area.

A new blogging platform

Feel like creating some content? There’s no need to go to another platform. Legitimate lets you create beautiful blog posts easily.

Save drafts, schedule your post to publish at a later date and select from a number of template styles.

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Publish Later

Line up your content in advance and schedule it to go out at the ideal time.

Beautiful Templates

A choice of templates, carefully crafted with a great reading experience in mind.

Easy to use editor

Writing an article is the hard part, we make it simple to publish your content.

A new source of traffic

We are building the world's largest verified content engine. Since everyone who publishes content on Legitimate has a verified identity, users can be sure that the content they read has come from a verifiable source. Any content you add to your profile whether published directly in Legitimate or on another platform gets included in our content engine.

We aim to become the first place people look to when they want to search for content or news from different sources but without the worry of fake news or bad actors.

A content-based audience

There’s a time and place to see pictures of your cat; sometimes people just want to know when you post new content. That’s why building an audience on Legitimate is different. You can keep your personal social media profiles separate, which is great for both you and your followers.

Increasing your followers on Legitimate also gives prospective employers insight into how many potential viewers you could bring to their platform when writing content.

What people are saying

“Any journalist or content creator in the modern digital landscape will be well aware of the issues surrounding 'fake news' and spurious information from unverified sources. That's where Legitimate comes in.”

Rich Fay, Journalist, Machester Evening News

“Legitimate is a brilliant resource for journalists - offering an extremely sleek website that quickly updates whenever a new story is published, and is a great tool for helping promote our content and profile as writers.”

Dion Dassanayake, Journalist, The Express

Tools to grow your content & your career

We provide a range of free tools to help you drive traffic to your content & profile on Legitimate.

Embeddable Profiles

If you write or guest post on other platforms, ask them to embed your Legitimate profile at the bottom of your article.

Email footer links

Want to drive traffic to your profile, increase followers and clicks on your content? Add one of our custom made footer links to your emails. With engagement of over 80%, you're missing out if you don’t.

Your own RSS Feed

The first centralised RSS feed. No matter where you publish your content people can now keep up-to-date via your Legitimate RSS feed.

QR code

When your content is being printed, why not pass along your Legitimate QR code and ask them to add it at the end? With QR codes becoming increasingly popular, this drives more and more people to your profile and in turn more viewers to your publishers digital presence.

Verify your identity and get started in minutes

Access our free growth tools and help stamp out fake news.

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