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The All-In-One AI Assistant For Journalists

Cicero is an AI assistant who will help you save time, accelerate the writing process, enhance your articles, and much more.

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Speech to Text Transcription.
Get accurate transcripts with ease. Cicero can identify speakers, generate transcripts quickly and easily, allow for search, note taking and downloading, with support for many file formats.
Estimated Reading Time.
Letting your readers know how much time it takes to read your content helps improve user experience. Cicero gives you an output of the estimated time to read your article, helping your content become more enticing.
Readability Score.
When content is easy to read, there's a better chance that your readers will continue reading. Let Cicero estimate your score and help improve your readability so that it can be read and understood by a wide audience.
Alternative Titles.
Cicero knows how to write like a journalist and can offer alternative titles that can help with click through rate and impact. Titles are the reader’s first point of contact with your content. They are absolutely integral to catching attention and convincing readers to read on.
Automatic Metadata.
Cicero can take your article and automatically generate the title tags and meta tags required for social media. Because title tags are crucial for both SEO and the search user experience, writing them well is a fantastic, low-effort, and high-impact SEO task.
Article Review.
Enhance what you’ve written by letting Cicero review your draft articles and provide feedback and advice from a journalistic standpoint. Cicero will cast a critical eye over your written piece and make suggestions on how to improve SEO, readability, structure and more.

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Even more tools to enhance your journalism.

Interview Research

Cicero can research interview subjects and suggest questions to ask, allowing you to get the best out of your interview.

Key Point Extraction

Identify the main points and summarize your transcription in seconds.

Quote Finder

Cicero helps you find and extract quotes quickly. No need to manually search through transcriptions.

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