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Legitimate provides politicians with a valuable resource to connect with their audience and the press. Share your content without being subjected to comments and opinions that may be insensitive or abusive. Show examples of how you’re working for and with your constituents. All of your posts will be centralised on your verified profile page. And you can choose to be contacted only by people who have a verified identity.

A Legitimate profile offers politicians a range of benefits and advantages.

Eliminate trolling

Be contacted safely and securely

Grow your own audience

Create and share quality content.

A beautiful profile and library of all of your posts.

Whether you create content directly on our platform or somewhere else, you can link to it and centralise it all in one place. This means people can easily find it and be sure which content truly belongs to you.

Grow your audience

Users and journalists can follow your profile and get notified each time you publish a new piece of content.

Email Subscriptions

Followers can also subscribe to your posts via email. An easy and simple way for your constituents to keep up to date.

Combat fake news

Behind the scenes, your verified content and profile is confirmed with other social media platforms meaning fake profiles and posts on their systems can be spotted easily.

Eliminate trolling and stay safe from online abuse

We do not allow commenting on our platform which means you can share your content or statements without yourself and others being subjected to comments and opinions that may be insensitive or abusive.

Stop trolling

Write quality online content

Short posts are not always ideal to tell a story or explain a complicated situation. Longer articles can help people understand complex issues and give you the necessary breadth to share a story in full. Legitimate allows you to create content directly within the platform, easily enabling you to format your text into headers, quotes or bullets, and add photos.

Secure Contact Form

You can enable verification on your message form which means anyone wanting to contact you needs to verify themselves first. This takes users less than 2 minutes and removes abuse, spam and trolling.

Stop trolling

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Create your own verified profile where people can follow your content and stay up to date, while at the same time removing the threat of abuse and trolling.

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Your verified profile will be helping to stamp out fake news across the web.

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