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Tag: sun
3 months ago

This simple sleep hack can help unlock greater brain power: study

If you struggle to feel rested after sleep, you may benefit from this shuteye accessory.

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4 months ago

How to see the 2023 green comet from wherever you are

Comet C/2022 E3, more commonly known as the green comet, was last seen by humans — as well as Neanderthals — during t...

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11 months ago

Giant sunspot threatens Earth as solar flare may cause blackouts

Researchers have their eye on a massive sunspot measuring more than 6,100 miles wide, which could prompt a radio blac...

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about 1 year ago

This is the most detailed picture of the sun ever taken

The image shows the the highly volatile low solar atmosphere of the Sun and could offer insights into predicting Spac...

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almost 2 years ago

How to catch Thursday morning’s ‘ring of light’ solar eclipse

In Toronto, the eclipse will be at its maximum right around the time of sunrise, at 5:40 a.m.

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