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Extensively tested and refined with feedback from journalists, publications and universities worldwide. We offer numerous benefits to journalism schools in relation to student support, alumni relationships and value

“For student journalists who are writing for different publications and on different platforms, it really does have everything they need. I tell everyone it's like if Google docs, Otter, LinkedIn and Twitter had a baby, and that kid was really good at SEO and finding sources and content verification and newsroom management. (I only wish I had this tool when I was their age!)”

John Vitti – Journalist, Teacher, Founder
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Legitimate offers students a whole range of benefits and advantages

Display your work, stand out in the job market, and get the job/internship you’ve always wanted. Our tool streamlines portfolio creation, letting students focus on their work, not the logistics of portfolio management.
Productivity Tools.
All of the tools you need to streamline their workflow, in one location.
Journalism Technology.
Access to the latest tools and tech including AI.
A place to create, publish and share your content.
Access to other journalists from all over the world. Legitimate will be the home of journalism and a central location for the industry.
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Why universities choose Legitimate

Improved Employment Rates

Schools using our suite of tools can boast higher graduate employment rates, enhancing their reputation and attractiveness to prospective students.

Innovative Technology

Stay ahead of the curve with new technologies. We are at the forefront of the industry and our partners have access to the latest innovations in journalism technology.

Seamless Transition

The tool facilitates a smoother transition from graduation to employment, contributing to higher graduate success rates. Legitimate is used in newsrooms all over the world.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are focused on democratizing access to technology for all, to foster a vibrant, diverse journalist community.

Manage Alumni Relationships

Schools can keep track of where their alumni are, see their career development, monitor their impact, and stay in touch easily.


Eliminates the need for students to pay for blog hosting or portfolio websites. Access to a full suite of tech tools for free further reduces financial burden on students.

Workshops/Guest Lectures - We deliver sessions virtually or run live presentation days on campus

  • Using generative AI to enhance journalism. This session will explore the ways in which generative AI can be used to enhance journalistic practices and uncover new insights.
  • Creating a journalistic portfolio. This workshop will cover all aspects of the journalist portfolio including why you need one, what makes for an excellent portfolio, and how to build the perfect one.
  • Disinformation. Many elements of disinformation will be covered in this session starting with the history of disinformation right up to the impact that it has had in recent years. We will discuss methods that are currently being used to address it, and the way forward for tackling the issue.
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism. In this workshop, you'll discover the intersection of journalism and business, learning how to leverage your storytelling skills to create a thriving media venture. Whether you dream of launching your own media startup, revolutionizing traditional news outlets, or exploring new avenues for storytelling, this workshop will equip you with the essential tools and strategies

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Trusted by over 25 Universities

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