Empowering Journalists with Instant Verification

Secure, instant, and free journalist verification for a more informed world.

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Journalists Require Verification

Journalists serve as an essential conduit of information to the public. Having a verified presence on social platforms allows the public to connect directly with these sources of information, fostering a more informed and engaged community.

Reducing Impersonation

By verifying journalists on social platforms, we help reduce the risk of impersonation and the spread of false information.

Cost Free

We believe in the role of journalism plays in society. Due to the nature of their work journalists should be verified and shouldn't have to incur the cost.

Boosting Public Confidence

Verification of journalists can increase public confidence, providing clear indicators of information sources, fostering a more transparent and reliable media landscape.

Why Social Media Should Adopt This Initiative

Social media platforms are often the first point of reference for many people when it comes to breaking news and current affairs. Adopting our journalist verification service can help platforms ensure that the voices of journalists are not misrepresented or used to deceive users.

Trust and Credibility
Verified journalists can enhance the trustworthiness of content on the platform, leading to increased user engagement.
Enhanced User Experience
Additional information, like a journalist's bio and latest articles, can provide users with a richer, more informative experience.
Reduced Development and Management Costs
By adopting our verification service, social media platforms can save on the costs associated with developing and managing their own verification systems.
Easy Integration
Our API is simple to integrate and extremely powerful.


Integrating with our API provides instant benefits.

Reduced costs and management.
Let Legitimate handle the verification, cost and management of journalist verification.
Instant Enrichment.
Display journalists latest articles automatically on their profile. Show their bio, previous articles, beat, publications and more.
Reduce Disinformation.
Reduce the ability for disinformation to be distributed on your platform.

Election Integrity

Promoting verified journalists on social media fosters credibility, accountability, and quality information to combat election interference.

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