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The Legitimate Initiative was set up in order to fight back against the pandemic of fake news and misinformation that's causing immense damage to the news and media industry.

We want journalists and media organisations to receive the credibility and recognition they deserve. For the news and media industry to prosper in the future, we need a solid solution to fake news and this requires the industry to come together.

The Truth is Under Attack

The growth of social media and mobile technology has made it possible for news and information to reach millions of people around the world almost instantly. As much as this has provided benefits to society, it has also opened the doors up to abuse and misuse.

Every day around the world, elections, politics, health information, national and local news come under attack from bad actors looking to cause harm for a variety of reasons including political advantage or financial gain.

This has led to the public becoming less and less trusting of online news and media. It has also been shown to accelerate the polarisation of certain views. This is why it is important for people to know the source of the content they consume.


of Europeans see fake news each day.

700 million

clicks of the top 150 fake election stories on Facebook in a single month.


of people globally are worried about fake news with regards to the coronavirus.

How we're helping

Legitimate wants to provide people with the ability to see exactly where their content is coming from and who is responsible for it.

Eradicating Fake News

We want to eradicate fake news from social media and digital platforms.

Return Credibility

Journalists are under-appreciated for the work they do. We want to push them back to the forefront. Our tools will give journalists the recognition they deserve.

Rebuild Trust

We want the public to have confidence in what they read online. They may not agree with what is being said but they will know who is saying it and where it came from.

Drive Traffic

For the media industry to thrive, their sites and apps need traffic. We want to drive more traffic to these sources so they can increase revenue and continue to create great content.

A verified Search Engine

Our aim is to become the first place people look to when they want to see a variety of news from different sources but without the worry of fake news or bad actors.


Legitimate is becoming the professional network for journalists and content creators.

We want everyone who produces content to create a verified profile that not only shows off their work, but also acts as an index of content created by them. We also want our platform to help journalists and content creators build their brand, create a following and ultimately get more work.

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Everything in one place

Don't lose track of guest posts, freelance work and one-off articles you've written.

Combat fake news

Behind the scenes, your verified profile will be helping to stamp out fake news across the web.

Grow your audience

A range of tools to grow a new audience. It's all free and always will be.

Source Verification

The moment an item is shared on any platform we can show who wrote it, where it came from and lots lots more. We will offer this service to all companies for free, forever.

We want online users to know exactly where their content is coming from and have confidence before clicking on it. By creating the world's largest database of verified content, we can do that. We will expose and flag content that comes from fake and misleading sites, or where the author hides behind a false identity.

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Actively fighting to stamp out fake news

Joining will show that your company is actively helping to combat fake news and strengthen the media industry. In return we would like you to proudly show the Legitimate partner badge on your website.

A new source of traffic and revenue

Our API's and platform will drive new traffic to your website. We've already seen it significantly increase traffic to partners and result in new subscribers for pay-walled content.

Provide journalists with tools and support

One of Legitimate's main goals is to give journalists more credibility and recognition for their extraordinary work. By becoming an official partner, you're helping to push that goal forward. Find out more

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Fast onboarding process

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Help stamp out fake news

The verified profiles of your journalists will be helping to stamp out fake news across the web.

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