Welcome to the Legitimate Initiative

The Legitimate Initiative is our decisive countermeasure to the disinformation that's been eroding trust in the news and media industry. We're committed to equipping journalists, publishers and media organizations with the tools to authenticate work, reinforce credibility and give journalists their deserved recognition.

To achieve this, we built a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to authenticate real-time content, verify contributors, and validate journalist identities. By fostering collaboration across the industry, we are championing a collective fight against disinformation and shaping a more transparent, credible digital landscape for all.

This is possible due to the collaboration and partnerships with these companies.

Together, we can foster a transparent and trustworthy environment where content authenticity is paramount.

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Tools that will make a difference

We pull together the latest news and content from around the internet in one single location, like a Search Engine. The difference is, when you use Legitimate, you do so with the reassurance that everything you see is from a real person with a verifiable identity.

Contributor Verification Service

The Contributor Verification Service safeguards content authenticity and author legitimacy in the digital age, providing a reliable method for platforms to validate submissions, establish trust, and uphold journalistic integrity with their audience.

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Real-Time Content Authentication API

A cutting-edge tool that guarantees the authenticity and trustworthiness of digital content. By instantly tracing articles back to their human authors, our service builds trust and credibility on your platform. With the rise of AI-generated content, our verification system ensures that users engage with content from verified human journalists, bolstering your platform's credibility and the trust users have in it.

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Journalist Verification API

The Journalist Verification API is a tool that validates journalists' identities on digital platforms, providing an authenticity badge to promote trust in journalism and ensure reliable information. It's freely accessible, fostering a more informed and transparent digital landscape.

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